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* Bhanwarey (Slice of Life Comedy written and directed by Shaurya Singh)               DOP (Delhi)                      Jun 15 - Sep 15

* Mantra (Directed by Nicholas Kharkongor with Rajat Kapoor & Kakli Koechlin)   Executive Producer       Nov 14 - Feb 15

* 11 Days (Children’s Film directed by Madhu Sagar shot in Mussoorie and Delhi)    DOP                                   May 14 - Jul 14

* Diary Of an Overly Reactive Middle Aged Teenager (72-min Comedy Drama)   Director, DOP, Editor                    Oct 13

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Official Selection: DIFF 2013, JIFF 2014, GFFN 2014, BGFF 2014, R2RFIFF Italy 2014

* Bulbule (90-min Comical Parody on 12 Angry Men directed by Jagat Joon)            DOP (Delhi)                                     Sep 13

* X (10-min segment named “Fin” for Collaboration Film shot in San Francisco)       Camera (San Francisco)             May 13

* Hola Venky! (Feature Film directed by Sandeep Mohan shot in San Francisco)       DOP                                 Apr 13 - May 13

* Tera Mera Tedha Medha (Romantic Comedy directed by Chittaranjan Tripathy)                         Assistant Director (Delhi)                Apr 13

* The Owner (International Collaboration Project by 25 Directors - Released)            Co-Director                                     Mar 12

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeftLaurelLeavesLeft  Guinness World Record for “Most Directors of a Film”       German IPTV Award for Most Innovative Concept

* Daag: The Spot (Social Film directed by Rajat Goswami - In Postproduction)         DOP (Delhi)                                     Sep 11

* Wasted Lives (Multistory Film directed by Rambhul Singh - In Postproduction)      Associate Director                           Jul 11

* Ye Stupid Pyar (Romantic Comedy directed by Rakesh Jain - Released Dec 11)    Assistant Director (Delhi)           May 11

* Blemished Light (Winner Script directed by Raj Amit Kumar - Completed)             Assistant Director             Apr 11 - Jul 11

* Pyaar Actually (Comedy written by Divya Arora - On Hold after Preproduction)   Creative Producer        Nov 10 - Mar 11

* Roll On (Sports Film directed by Rambhul Singh - On Hold after Preproduction)     Associate Director          Feb 10 - Jun 10




* The Merry Reaper (6-min Short Film for 48-Hour Film Project Delhi)                       Director, DOP, Editor                   Nov 15

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Best Film 2nd Runner Up, Best Cinematography, Best Actress, Best Use of Prop, Audience Choice Award: 48HFP Delhi

* H.I.M. (7-min Short Film for 48-Hour Film Project Delhi)                                              Director, DOP, Editor                   Nov 14

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Best Writing Award: 48-Hour Film Project Delhi

* Connect the Dots (4-min Short Film made for the Indian Film Fest Melbourne)       Director, DOP, Editor                   Mar 14

* Kavita (6-min Social Film directed by Kumar Shivam for Royal Stag)                       Editor                                               Mar 14

* Jaganlal Goes Down (6-min Short Film for 48-Hour Film Project Delhi)                    Director, DOP, Editor                   Aug 13

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Best Writing Award, Best Costumes Award: 48-Hour Film Project Delhi

* Anubhuti: The Realization (25-min Social Short Film directed by Sohaila Kapur)  DOP, Editor                                       Jul 13

* The Chase (5-min Short Film made for Sarai Reader at Devi Art Foundation)          Writer, Director, DOP, Editor     Mar 13

* Ripples (20-min Social Short Film directed by Pankaj Kumar)                                     Actor                                                  Jan 13

* Illusion (25-min Segment for Feature Film “Salt & Light” by Shaurya Singh)           DOP                                                   Jan 13

* Blackout (20-min Short Film by London Film School’s Raghav Pasricha)                 Assistant Director                           Jan 13

* Disha (5-min Short Film for XUV500 Memorable Stories Film Competition)            Writer, Director, DOP, Editor      Oct 12

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Best Actress Award: Mahindra XUV500 Memorable Stories Film Competition

* Shadi Ka Driver (5-min Short Film for Mahindra XUV500 Film Competition)        DOP                                                   Sep 12

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Best Actor Award: Mahindra XUV500 Memorable Stories Film Competition

* Being Rajat Khanna (7-min Short Film for 48-Hour Film Project Delhi)                    Director, DOP                                 Aug 12

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Best Film 2nd Runner-Up Award, Best Use of Character Award & Best Film Blog Award: 48-Hour Film Project Delhi

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Official Selection: Mumbai International Short Film Festival 2012; Jaipur International Film Festival 2013

* Fir Wahi Raat Hai (20-min Short Film directed by Ishan Sharma)                             Director of Light & Sound            Jun 12

* 103 point 7 (30-min Thriller Short Film directed by Shaurya Singh)                             DOP, Actor                                       Jun 12

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Official Selection: Jaipur International Film Festival 2013

* True Blue (8-min Short Film for 48-Hour Film Project Washington DC)                    DOP                                                 May 12

* Each Time The Door Closes (6-min Short Film for 48-Hour Film Project Delhi)      Co-Writer, Co-Director                 Sep 11

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Best Cinematography Award, Audience Choice Award for Best Film: 48-Hour Film Project Delhi

* Sanya’s Friend (2-min segment for Intl Collaboration Feature Film The Owner)                         Director                                            Aug 11

* Ananda (Israeli TV Mini-Series shot by international crew in Jaisalmer)                     Actor                                                 Aug 11

* Cult Party (1-min segment for Intl Collaboration Feature Film The Owner)              Production Manager                       Jul 11

* Cross Connection (Cross-Continent Collaboration on weekly web short series)        Director - India Unit                      Jun 11

* Taufa (15-min Student Film for IP College for Women directed by Parul Malik)     Actor                                                 Apr 11

* Lightning Bolt, Sudden Sunset (20-min Short Film directed by Eisha Chopra)         Producer, Actor                              Feb 11

* The B Dream (6-min Short Film made for 48-Hour Film Project Mumbai)               Co-Writer, Co-Director, Actor    Nov 10

* Clinging (4-min segment for Intl Collaboration Feature Film The Owner)                 Production Manager                    Aug 10

* Time Out (12-min Student Film by Westminster Film School’s Rikhil Bahadur)      Crew, Actor                                     Aug 10

* The Sentence (18-min Short Film directed by Cannes participant Abhishek Joshi)   DOP, Editor                                     Jun 10

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Market Selection: Festival de Cannes 2011: Short Film Corner

* The Two Men Show PiP (Short Films for Dibakar Banerjee’s LSD Contest)          Co-Director, Actor, Co-Editor     Jan 10

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  PiP (Picture-in-Picture) selected as Top 10 Entry in the Love Sex aur Dhoka (LSD) Short Film Contest

* Baby Steps (1-min Short Film in HD for 1MinuteToSaveTheWorld Competition)   Co-Director, Actor, Co-Editor     Oct 09

* an Apple, a Day (6-min Short Film made for 48-Hour Film Project Mumbai)           Co-Director, Actor, Co-Editor     Oct 09

* Run Leila Run (5-min Short Film in HD for Competition)                    Writer, Director, Co-Editor          Sep 09

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Official Selections: KSFF 2009; NSDFF 2010; IFF 2010; IDSFFK 2010; ATV 2010; WRI NMOF 2011; GISFF 2011

* Kidnapped • It Could Happen To You (10-min Short Films for IFFI Goa SFC)       Chief Assistant Director               Aug 09

* Where there is a Will (15-min Short Film for IFFI Goa Short Film Center)               Writer, Director, Co-Editor         Aug 09

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeftLaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Market Selection: IFFI 2009: Short Film Center       Official Selections: KSFF 2009; NSDFF 2010

* That’s it, Politics! Indian (DV Student Films made at SenseIndia Foundation)     Co-Writer, Co-Director, DOP     Mar 09

* 9/11 • Lotto JawBreaker (16mm Student Films made at New York University)   Co-Director, DOP, Editor             Dec 03




* Bain Capability Center (Shot Interviews of Various Departments)                            Producer, DOP                              May 15

* Indian Food Wisdom (Shot Stock Footage for a video diary by Rujuta Diwekar)   DOP (Delhi)                                    Mar 13

* Global Indian International School (10-min Intro Video for New School)               Producer, Director, DOP               Oct 12

* iDiscoveri XSEED Digital (33 Educational Videos of 15 minutes each)                   Producer, Director            Jan 12 - Jul 12




* Ichhe-Dana (13-min Documentary about a record-breaking Rickshaw Puller)          Editor                                               Nov 15

* Balaposh (5-min Documentary on the West Bengal art form and artists)                  Editor                                                Sep 15

* Super Sikh (Shot Interview with Cartoonist Amit Tayal for Documentary)               DOP                                                 May 15

* Springsteen and I (International Documentary covering fans across the globe)       DOP (Delhi)                                     Feb 13

* Page 2 Stage (30-min Documentary on production of play Let’s Have Sex)            Director, DOP, Editor                    Sep 12

* Metro Flash Mob (5-min Video documenting a Flash Mob in the Delhi Metro)        DOP, Editor                                     Jan 12

* Space, Performance, Experience (4-part Documentary on Indian Cinema trends)                        Associate Director, Editor                Jun 11

* Its Time to Act (10-min Documentary on proposed National Food Security Act)    Camera                                            Mar 11

* Its not about the Cycle (1-hour long Documentary on cross-country cycling trip)    Producer                                           Sep 10

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  Won 1st Prize in the Genero TV Competition for the song “Endless Road” by “The Panics”

* Marina (5-min Documentary on photo cutout studios at Chennai’s Marina Beach)                               Director, DOP, Editor                May 10




* Short+Sweet Delhi 2015 (2-min Promo Video for International Theatre Festival)   DOP, Editor                                     Oct 15

* Mummy 26 Daily (Promos for upcoming book Conviction of Absoluteness)      Director, DOP, Editor                    Oct 14

* Satyamev Jayate (Promo Ad for the Aamir Khan TV Show)                                        Actor                                                 Sep 14

* The Good, The Bad, The Mummy! (Ad Film for Amul Eat My Milk Contest)         Director, DOP, Editor                    Jun 14

* (Ad Film shot for the Online Jewelry Portal)                                                Director, DOP, Editor                  May 14

* Helmet First • Exam Hall (Road Safety videos for PVR Nest Campaign)                Mentor                                              Jan 14

* Sachin (Organized and shot Tribute Videos for Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement)        Director (Delhi), DOP (Delhi)     Nov 13

* Red Tag (Ad Film for Network 18 directed by Dibakar Banerjee)                                Casting, Crew                                 Aug 12

* The Greatest Indian (Promo Ad Film for CNN-IBN TV Show campaign)                 Actor                                                   Jul 12

* Short+Sweet Delhi 2011 (2-min Promo Video for International Theatre Festival)   DOP, Editor                                     Oct 11

* Ab Bol (Promo Ad Film for CNN-IBN Citizen Journalist TV Show campaign)          Actor                                               May 11

* Adhoora Ram (1-min Ad Film on Natraj Pencils made for MOFILM Contest)         Actor                                                  Oct 10

* AuditionsFashionDeewarBasanti (Ad Films in HD for BasEkChance)           Co-Director, Actor, Co-Editor   May 10

* Buffering Slow Motion Mango Tree (1-min Ad Films for MOFILM Contest)    Crew, Actor                                      Sep 09

LaurelLeavesRightLaurelLeavesLeft  AT&T Buffering and OMO Mango Tree each won the 2nd prize in their respective MOFILM competitions




*The Charmed Life (10-min Musical Play for Short+Sweet Theater Festival)            Director                                             Oct 15

*Two to Tango, Three to Jive! (5-min Sketch before play by Saurabh Shukla)        Actor                                                 Aug 14

*Short+Sweet Delhi Theatre Festival 2013                                                                       Festival Director           Dec 12 - Nov 13

*Lyra (10-min Play written by Aishwarya Jha Mathur for Short+Sweet Festival)      Assistant Director                          Dec 12

    Gala Finalist (Wildcard 1 Judges Choice #1)

*50 Guns (10-min Play written by Alex Broun for Short+Sweet Theatre Festival)      Director                                           Nov 12

*Let’s Have Sex (90-min Play written by Valentin Krasnogorov)                                   Associate Director                          Oct 12

*The Coming Out (10-min Play performed at Short+Sweet Curtain Raiser)                Director                                              Jul 12

*Perfect Stillness (10-min Play performed again at Short+Sweet Curtain Raiser)      Director, Actor                                  Jul 12

*Backstage (10-min Play written at the Short+Sweet Theatre Workshop)                    Writer                                                 Jul 12

*Pride and Prejudice in Ten Minutes Flat (10-min Play for Short+Sweet)                 Director                                           Nov 11

    Won Best Director (3rd), Best Actress (2nd); Nominated for Best Actor, Best New Talent, Best Production, People’s Choice

*The Importance of a Hat (10-min Play directed by Tarini Pal for Short+Sweet)      Assistant Director                          Nov 11

    Gala Finalist (Wildcard 1 Judges Choice #1 & People’s Choice #1); Won Best New Talent

*Cheers! (10-min Play directed by Manish Jain for Short+Sweet Theatre Festival)    Writer                                               Nov 11

*Meet Your Match (90-min Romantic Comedy performed at the India Intl. Centre)                                                        Director                Jul 11

*The Caretaker (Dramatized Reading of Harold Pinter classic for Yatrik Theatre)   Director, Actor                              May 11

*RED HOT (10-min Sketch before full-length play directed by Saurabh Shukla)      Actor                                                 Feb 11

*Sleepless Night (10-min Play performed in 5 cities as part of Short+Sweet Tour)     Director                                             Jan 11

*Pinocchio (1-hour Musical featuring 160+ school children of various ages)              Assistant Director                          Nov 10

*Two Stories (10-min Play performed as part of Short+Sweet Theatre Festival)        Director                                           Nov 10

*Perfect Stillness (10-min Play chosen as Top 3 entry at Short+Sweet Gala Final)    Director                                           Nov 10

    Won Best Director (3rd), People’s Choice Award (3rd), Best Actor; Nominated for Best Script, Best Actress, Best Production




* 10-Day Film Making Academy            6-day Hands-on Workshop conducted at Jindal Global University, Mar 15 - Apr 15

* Intro to Filmmaking     4-Day Workshop for Young Leaders Conclave conducted at Modern School Vasant Vihar, Aug 14

* Intro to Photography & Videography         2 Batches of 2-Day Hands-on Workshop conducted at Kunzum, Jul 14 - Oct 14

* Advanced Workshop (Screenwriting & Direction)      2 Batches of 2-day Workshop conducted at Kunzum, Jul 14 - Oct 14

* Intro to Filmmaking              12 Batches of 2-day Hands-on Workshop conducted at Kunzum Travel Café, Apr 14 - Aug 15




* Amar Prem (3-min Short Film made at Intro to Filmmaking Workshop)                   Mentor, Editor                                Apr 14




*Sony India, New Delhi, INDIA       Professional Quality Cinematography Workshop conducted by Philip Bloom, Dec 15

Jaipur International Film Festival, Jaipur, INDIA             Scriptwriting Workshop conducted by Anjum Rajabali, Oct 12

Independent Film School, New York, NY             Independent Film Production Workshop conducted by Ela Thier, Apr 12

VIMSLogoVikshi Institute of Media Studies, Pune, INDIA                 Digital Cinematography Course conducted by AS Kanal, Jul 10

ImagingCinemaIITMIIT, Chennai, INDIA                         Imaging Cinema Workshop featuring Dibakar Banerjee and Saurabh Shukla, May 10

WeekendFilmcityWeekend Filmcity, New Delhi, INDIA                      Filmmaking Workshop conducted by Independent Filmmakers, Jul 09

ajkmcrcJamia Millia Islamia, MCRC, New Delhi, INDIA                                           Film and Historical Imagination Course, Jul 09

NFAILogoNational Film Archive of India, New Delhi, INDIA                            Film Appreciation Course conducted by FTII, Jun 09

RKFIRaajkamal Films & IIT, Chennai, INDIA       Screenwriting Workshop by Kamal Haasan and Anjum Rajabali, May 09

NYUSCPSLogoSenseIndiaLogoSenseIndia Foundation, Mumbai, INDIA                  Workshops in Film Production, Direction and Script Writing, Mar 09

New York University, SCPS, New York, NY          Courses in Film Production, Business and Technologies, Jul 03 - Dec 03